Our first post

Littledata began in Gibraltar over a coffee at the WTC in Dec 2017. The group of us had been talking about the emergence of Blockchain in Gib, and the active role the goverment played in bringing that into fruition. Especially the impending 1 Jan , Blockchain licensing, called Distributed Ledger Technology.

Also Gib government’s impending framework to regulate ICO’s

In short a exciting time to have a start-up.

But what problem would we be solving? We went around the table and the one that stuck was privacy.

The big issue of 2018 was big tech and privacy.

We felt as individuals we had no control over own private data and content and we just had to accept that there was no privacy and we would not be appropriately compensated for our information and content.  Then ‘ah hah’ moment blockchain and smartcontracts could posible serve as the engine room for address three questions.

  1. Where is my data?
  2. Did I give my consent? (With GDPR coming into force this year this is especially topical, and the right to erasure)
  3. Did I get fairly compensated?

Three very simple questions we set work on to create an Alpha before Q3.

We have come up for air after a great deal of work and pain learning Ethereum and especially Solidity.

We have been looking into Neo, and I found out that the founder of Neo Da Hongfei was presenting in Melbourne Australia at the APAC blockchain conference. We checked out the rest of the conference agenda and felt it was a good time to take a few days out to listen what was going on and take on what we learnt.

So I am looking forward to APAC blockchain conference and see how it can help our project.