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At littledata, we focus on helping SMB’s to not just survive but thrive by securing and fully utilisng your data.


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SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials areall the security frameworks and certifications today are an acronym soup that can make even a compliance expert’s head spin. We can help you understand differences between standards, which is best for your business, and how vulnerability management can aid compliance.

Average cost of a data breach
— $4.45 million (up 2.3% from 2022 and 15.3% from 2020)
• Ransomware attacks
— 24% of breaches
— $5.13 million average cost (excluding the ransom itself)
• Cloud data
— 82% of breaches
— $4.75 million average cost
• Detection and escalation costs
— Largest category of breach costs, highlighting the complexity of breach investigations.
• Incident response planning and testing
— $1.49 million saved on average by organisations with high levels of incident response planning and testing compared with those having low levels
— One of the leading cost mitigating strategies
• DevSecOps (development security and operations)
— $1.68 million in savings to those with high levels of adoption
• Security artificial intelligence (AI) and automation
— $1.8 million cost savings for those using AI and automation
— Time to identify and contain breach improved by more than 100 days.

CGMA Cybersecurity Tool: Risk, Response and Remediation Strategies 2023
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DataOps consulting services involve providing guidance, expertise, and support to organizations looking to implement DataOps principles and practices in their data management and analytics processes. DataOps is an extension of the DevOps philosophy, focused on improving the efficiency, collaboration, and automation of data-related activities.

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DevSecOps consulting services involve providing expertise, guidance, and support to organizations aiming to integrate security practices into their DevOps processes.

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At littledata, we focus on helping SMB’s to not just survive but thrive by securing and fully utilisng your data.